Baccarat – Chermin De Fer

This is a popular French version of Baccarat. The meaning of Chermin de Fer is railroad or railway. This version is not played in North America. In most parts of US, Nevada version of Baccarat is played. This is mostly playing in France and Europe.

Chermin de Fer makes use of similar set of rules and regulations and values of each hand. So when playing this version you must obtain a natural value of 9 or high as compared to other hands to make your best win.

When comparing this version of baccarat to that of North American type, you might notice a few differences between the two. When playing this version the Banco or Banker plays a slight different role. When playing the American version the players or casino might decide the dealer or can also be rotated amongst the players. When playing Chermin de Fer, the casino may not be able to act as a banker. Players are also allowed to place bets on bank or players, so they can either bet with the banker or against him. Even if the player might not be willing to place the bet, he can always pass it to another player in the row.

The casino provides the players with the location and equipment that is necessary to play the game. So here it does stand for cards, table and at the same time may also ensure that the players and Croupier are well aware of rules and regulations of the play. The casino makes their earnings in the form of profit commission equivalent to 5%. This is one way where casino can make their earnings when playing Baccarat. This is also one reason why tax and commission are organized in Baccarat.

When drawing cards the set of rules might in fact differ. The third set of cards is dealt only after considering the total value of hands. When playing Chermin de Fer there are more chances that a players gets to draw third card but when playing the American version you might need a total equivalent to 5 or less to draw a third card. So having knowledge of the version you are playing is one way to enjoy your best win at Baccarat.

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