Baccarat Terms

Baccarat – this is a popular casino game and is also considered as a game of chance with a possibility of getting worst hand for players when playing.

Banker bet – a system of betting that requires banker to win so you can win.

Baccarat en Banque – this is a term that stands for ‘zero balance in bank’. This is a type of Baccarat game.

Best Bet Baccarat – In this type of bet players place bet on the banker. This also provides with 45% chance of winning and is also considered as a high probability.

Banco – a term used for referring bank, but when playing this term means that player is placing his bet on the bank.

Bankroll – the cash available with you for laying the game.

Coup – a round in the game of baccarat.

Croupier – this is a second name referring to dealer. This is used in typical games only. The dealer takes charge of deck when playing along with dealing the cards.

Chermin de fer – a variation of baccarat that means railway.

Cheval – this stands for a set of rule that permits player to have two different hands when playing. In case the player manages to win both hands then he has the next round. In case a single hand is won then a tie is declared.

Commission – this is a term that has the similar meaning as is used in any other game. A little percentage from the winning amount which is taken away by the house as profit earned. So in case you place your bet on the bank then on winning you own bank around 5% of commission.

Down card – this is a position in which the card is placed. The card is placed with face down and is placed in that position till the end of the game.

Dealer – he is an employee of the gambling association who distributes the cards.

Face cards – the colored cards like king, queen, and jack from the deck. This is so called as these cards hold actual value.

High roller – a person who generally places big amount of bets when playing.

House edge – this is also termed as the advantage house has towards his winning and is dependent on the game.

Le Grande – a French term that means Big. When playing baccarat a Le Grante is a hand that has a total value of 9 and is also a natural hand.

Mini baccarat – This refers to the actual size of the table and is a variation of baccarat.

Muck – this is referred to the discarded pile of cards including the folded hands.

Natural – this refers to the hand that has total points that are required to exit the game. So a hand having value 8 or 9 is considered as natural hand.

Palette – a Croupier’s tool that is used to set the cards or move them.

Punto Banco – this is a Spanish word which means point bank, a term used to describe baccarat.

Punto – a terms used for referring player.

Petite – this is a French word and means small in size. So here it means a hand that has total value of 8 points.

Player Bet – this is a type of bet that is placed on the player as you feel that he might win the game.

Railroad – a variation of baccarat.

Shoe – this is used to hold the deck of cards so Croupier may distribute right cards to the players. It is very much similar to a box.

Shuffle up – a term used when Croupier shuffles the deck of cards before dealing.

Shooter – this is used to describe bank.

Standoff – a term used to describe tie between player and banker, if they have same set of points.

Super pan 9 – a type of baccarat game.

Streak – a condition used to describe if you are winning or loosing games in a row.

Tie bet – in case player and Croupier have same set of hands.

VIP – a high roller in the game of baccarat.

Upcard – a position of the card when it is kept with face up.

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