History of Baccarat

This is one of the most popular games in any online casinos. Most people enjoy playing this game online as the rules are fairly simple and easy to learn. Baccarat is a popular card game and searching for its history can be a challenging task as this game is very much similar to a number of games played in the countryside. The truth is that people have been playing card games for a number of years and the roots of this game can be traced back to as long as 200 years in the ancient Chinese culture. In the 14th century, card games managed to slip into Europe and this was for the first time that people made use of first printed deck of cards. The game was introduced into America and the credit gores to Christopher Columbus.

The suits made use of in card deck are not imaginary characters. These are the symbols that relate to the feudal society and so has characters like diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades. Spades is a transformation of Spanish word Espadas which means Swords in English. This is also a representation belonging to noble class. The diamond shape is derived from the coins that were used during this time and serf was related to the clubs and heart shape was derived from symbol of Church.

Each face card carried its own meaning and initially the real faces of king, queen and soldiers were printed on the cards. Some of the most recognized individuals were Alexander, Julius Caesar and King David. The most recognized queens were Joan of Arc, Helen of Troy and Rachel. The knights represented the jacks of the present day and were depicted from Sir Lancelot, Roland and Etienne de Vignoles. Present most cards are seen with a common faces as the deck of cards have managed to get transformed over the period of years.

The first game of Baccarat was played in 1492 in Italy and was based on the theme ‘9 Gods’. The belief is that around 2000 years back when nine Gods were praying at the foot of golden haired virgin who threw a die that has nine sides. To crown the priestess the virgin needed to obtain either eight or nine. In case she did not score it then she might have to walk her way into the sea. So, when playing Baccarat players are expected to get the same set of numbers to be a winner.

The game was initially known as Baccarat but later on managed to develop its new counter parts like Chemin de Fer, Banque and Baccarat en. The game is very much popular in France and Europe. In France the game is played amongst nobles.

This same version is also played in South America where most people never had the time to play in the real world casinos. This version was very much popular in Cuba and the American type is little different.

Both versions of French and American Baccarat are very much popular. A number of people play this game at Hotel Capri casino in Havana. The game was played in Nevada in 1958 in Sands hotel casino .

Today the game is played in a number of small and big casinos. The game is played in two different versions including European type in France and American type in North America. The game is enjoyed at lower limit but a number of tables also enjoy the game for higher limits where you can make bigger bets.

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