Rules For Playing Baccarat

Baccarat is a card game and in any casino you can manage to find this game in specific area. You can find around 12 to 14 people playing this game in a single table. So depending on the number of players you can find around three dealers at a time.

When playing baccarat there are two different set of rules that are followed by the players. You are allowed to place two different types of bets either as banker or as a player. Players can also try placing a tie bets or standoff as it is also termed. Mostly people can have croupier when playing Baccarat, but there are a number of casinos that might also let players to rotate their role as a dealer. When playing this game on internet you may find virtual croupier.

Each and every player enjoying this game is allowed to place their bets. The player making the deal is also allowed to play as banker or the player or Banco and Punto. Dealer is a person who may place bet on himself. The shoe of cards is generally placed next to Croupier and is kept with the same players as long as he is acting as the banker and makes his win. In case the punto or player makes his win the shoe is passed to the next player on the row.

In the beginning two cards are dealt to the players. Then the players are requested to place their bets on player, banker or even a tie. The ratio is generally equivalent to 1:1 and the payout is in the form of cash just like Roulette as done on Red or Black. When playing tie the ratio is 8:1 or even 9:1. The commission is the main difference between the banker and the player. If you place your bet on banker you might have to pay around 5% commission which is also considered as Tax amount. This is also considered as main advantage as house is declared as the winner in most cases. The commission is earned as the bank gets a chance to win three or four hands in a row when playing eight deck cards as compared to the player.

The game generally begins with two cards and players might end with around three cards in hand. The winner offers two separate cards that are face down. So the player who bets more will receive the two cards. The players must return the cards to Croupier after seeing them. The dealer is a person who shall turn over the two cards for declaring the winner of the game. The croupier also announces the winner to each and every player present on the table.

The moment 8 or 9 turns out it is considered as a natural hand and no cards are dealt further. In case the total is not 8 or 9 then the third card is dealt depending on the total number. To deal the third card a few set of rules are to be followed when playing Baccarat deciding if the third card is to be dealt or not.

At the end of the deal the player with higher hand is considered as the winner of the game. The dealer may then collect all the lost bets from other players present at the table and pay it to the winner of the game .

Baccarat Rules

The game is played using 6 to 8 deck of cards. When playing this game the face cards and ten cards certainly have no value to them. People might call it 10 but when playing the 1 is always dropped and so players still win a zero. The other cards that are less then 10 have their original value. The ace has a point equivalent to1. The moment the point value exceeds 9 the first number from two number digits is dropped down to form a single digit. So if your cards total upto 16 then the actual value won is 6 as 1 is dropped down. The suits do not have any value for the winner.

Both player and banker receive around two different cards. You may then have to place your bet either on banker, player or a tie. The player with higher value cards is declared as the winner.

Based on the set of rules the dealer may also deal players with third card. For more rules you can refer below.

Rules for dealing third card for players.

  • In case either banker or player has cards that hold value equivalent to 8 or 9 adding the two cards then players may not draw the third card.
  • When the value of cards that players have is less than or equivalent to five then a third card can be dealt.
  • If the player is not interested in drawing a third card then it is important that banker must have a card of value 6 or more. In case the value is less than 6 then a third set of card can be dealt. In case the player decides to draw a third set of card then the banker is requested to follow separate set of rules.

Bankers rules for third set of cards.

  • If bank is holding two or less then they are requested to deal a third card even if the player may not want to.
  • If the banker has three or less then a third set of card can be dealt except for if the player has a total of 8.
  • In case banker has 4 he can deal third card in case the player has a third card of value 8, 9, 0 or 1.
  • In case the banker has a card of value 5 he can always deal a third card only when the player is holding 4, 5, 6 or even 7.
  • The banker has a card of value 6 or 7 but the dealer is having cards of value 6 in total then the dealer is allowed to deal a third card.
  • The banker is holding 7 and if they intend to stand on that amount then the third card might not be drawn.

Advantage of House

Banco or Banker – 1.17%
Punto or Player – 1.36%
Standoff or Tie – 14.12% for 8:1 ratio payout.

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