Blackjack Terminology

Anchor – the seat next to the deal that is placed at the right side and is also considered as last seat on the table. So if there are 5 seats and 4 players then the 5th seat is called as the anchor seat.

Banker – a term used for person who is responsible for money and bets. They also collect all the winning and losses of the game.

Bankroll – the money that you use for placing your bets on the table.

Basic Strategy – a strategy that most players make use of for increasing their amount of wins.

Blackjack – this is an objective and the name of this card game. Two cards are deal so players need to get a total of 21 or close to get blackjack.

Burn cards – discarded cards from the deck of cards that are used to play.

Break – the condition when you have more than 21 points.

Bust – Second term referring to break.

Camouflage – this also means to hide. In case you are making use of gambling tips to win then you can make use of certain methods for hiding your behavior.

Card counting – a mental exercise that most players make use of for memorizing the cards that are played or discarded. This is helpful in tracing the next card in the row.

Card sharp – a person who is very much handy with cards.

Cut – term used for splitting deck of cards.

Cut card – a card that is used for cutting cards after shuffling.

Deal – dealing cards to every player present at the table.

Discard tray – a place meant for keeping discarded cards.

Double down – this term is used when a player is ready to place a bet on the second set of cards that are at the table. Players might also get an additional card to play. This is a condition players make use of when they are confident of their win. To make use of this option you have to be a pro player.

Draw – this term is used when a player obtains an additional card.

Early surrender – a term used when player surrenders before placing his bet.

Even money – this is a condition when players receive 1 on 1 payout. You can use this only when you have a natural black jack in your hand.

Face cards – jacks, kings and queens are considered as face cards.

Face down cards – if first card is open and second is closed then it is called as face down card game.

Face up game – when playing this the cards dealt are always open.

First base – this is the first seat next to the dealer’s seat. He is also the first person who receives that card.

Hard hand – this is also termed as hard total and lacks an ace. So in case you receive one then it has a value of 1.

Heads on or heads up – when one player is playing against one dealer on the table.

Hit – players are allowed to draw another card to get a total of 21.

Hole card – face down card with the dealer is termed as hole card.

Insurance – players can make an insurance option if the dealer is showing a card face up that is an ace. So players generally bet on if the dealer has a blackjack or not. If he has blackjack then players can win double bets but in case dealer does not have then they loose their bets.

Late surrender – players can make use of this option in case dealer does not have natural blackjack.

Natural – when playing blackjack, you need a total of 21 points to win. So there are chances that you are dealt with cards that have a total of 21 points. When playing baccarat this is equivalent to 8 or 9.

Pat – a hand with 17 points or more is called as pat. So this means that you still have better chances of winning.

Perfect pairs – this is the dealt pair where most players can always try placing a side bets on. This can be a colored pair, mixed or perfect pair where you have to decide if you are ready to bet or not.

Plug – this is a type of action on deck of cards. When playing blackjack players can have a shoe full of discarded cards. These cards are re-shuffled and inserted back in the deck after performing a cut card. These set of cards that are inserted back in the deck are termed as plug cards.

Point count – this is a type of strategy for counting the cards. The total value of the cards are taken at the end of the game.

Preferential shuffle – this is a strategy that is used when players request for cards present in the shoe.

Push – a condition when there is a tie between dealer and player. Players, under these circumstances do not win or lose anything.

Shiner – a cheating device players make use of for viewing dealer’s hole card.

Shoe – a box meant for placing discarded cards.

Shuffle up – shuffling cards before counting them.

Soft hand – ace generally has a value equivalent to 1 that can be changed.

Split hand – players make use of this strategy to split their cards in two separate hands. They are also allowed to place a new bet on second hand.

Standing hand – this is a term used to refer stand. Players make use of this when they have 17 points in hand. They are just not allowed to take another secondary card.

Stand off – a term used for push.

Steaming – a player’s attitude when he has been losing in a row. Players show a very angry attitude, and are similar to a tilt in poker.

Surrender – the term used when players choose to fold their hand so they receive half amount of their bet.

Tell play – this is a term used to observe the dealers moves.

Third base – a term used for anchor.

Tie – a term referring to standoff or push.

Upcard – the top card that is face up and is also the first card that dealer makes use of. Players can always have a look at the card and then decide to play or not.

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