Rules For Playing Blackjack

Players can play blackjack using eight cards from the deck. There are a number of players who play this game using single deck of cards. Numbered cards are assigned their face value so a deuce holds a value of 2 and 10 holds its face value. Ace is generally considered as distinct when playing blackjack. An ace can have points equivalent to one or eleven depending on the set of hands that a player makes. The colored cars are also holing a value equivalent to ten. So when playing blackjack players have to try and score 21 naturally or something that is very much closer to that. If you or the dealer exceeds 21 points then they loose. So if you and dealer get a set of cards that has value equivalent to 17 and 19 then getting another card of three values might get you out of the game. Apart from this the only other outcome possible is to get a tie. So both player ad dealers get the same set of points. When tie, you may only get your bet back with no extra points.

To begin playing the game players are requested to place their bets. This is also one way in which you can let dealer know that you are interested in playing. The dealer will continue distributing two set of cards to each player so the player who is sitting to the left of the dealer is the first person to get cards first. The dealer shall also provide with a hole card after first round that is face up and dealt card as face down. This is the time when most players need to take their decision if they want to stay and play or not. So if the dealer is holding a ten or an ace then there are chances that he might get a blackjack. This is the time when most players are also allowed to surrender their game. Players can also make use of insurance option to see if dealer has actually made a blackjack. By taking this option players may never lose their money placed on their bet. So if the dealer has a blackjack the players will lose their money or even have a tie and get their betting amount back.

So the moment the player gets and ace players are allowed to use insurance option. When taking this option you can receive a payout equivalent to 2:1 ratio. In case the deal does not manage to get a blackjack then the player lose their bet. So is dealer holds a blackjack then the payout shall be made or else the game will still continue as normal play.

You can always make use of a number of options to increase your chances of winning in blackjack.

Stand – players can make use of this option if they don’t wish to take additional cards. So if a player is having a jack and a king then he is holding 20 points and as there are less chances of getting one point so they can stand. Players can notify dealers by waving their hand or even place their bet on a single card.

Hit – when players make this option they are willing to take another card. Dealer might give you a second card as long as you wish to receive it. So if you are holding cards of value 5, you can hit for another deuce. As you still need another card of value 7 so you can get closer to 21. But you always have to be aware so you don’t get a card with value 16.

Double – players can double if they just need one card to win without being busted. So you can place your single bet and request for second card. Players are allowed to double only on their first two set of cards dealt. Players are also allowed to double after they decide to split.

Split – splitting is only possible if you have a pair like two 9s or 3s. So players are allowed to place their bet on second card requesting for additional card. You can request for additional card on the first set till you get 21, bust or decide to quit. Under this circumstance players can play their second card. When splitting, you can still earn on the second set of cards. Even when splitting, players can decide to surrender after having a look at their cards. After surrender players are allowed to unfold their hands. Players can make use of this option only when they have an ace as face up card. But some casinos may also allow players to surrender if the dealer is not having blackjack.

After the players are holding their hands the game begins till the dealer notifies if the house is the real winner or not. The dealers may never take their own decision so a lot depends on the players. In case dealer is also holding cards of value 17 or more then they might have to stand. In case of soft 17 and below 17 they are also supposed to hit. So if they bust the players who is still holding is the winner.

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