Splitting Strategy in Blackjack

In case the player is holding a first two set of cards that have equal ranks, then he can always make a quick move that is also called as splitting the card. So the player is entitled to split his pair into two separate hands and then draw a single card to place above each of the two hands. He can also try playing each of the made hands in turns just like playing the normal game of blackjack. So if the player decides to split then he might have to place another bet that is equivalent to his previous bet. So the wins and loses of each set is always looked up as separately as if two different players are playing the moves.

Always keep in mind that even if a player is allowed to split that certainly does not mean that players should always try splitting. So in order to split his cards a player has to depend a lot on the dealers face up cards. In case a player is holding two cards that are of same rank and the total is equal to 10 points, then he should avoid splitting. The reason is that the player is having a hand total of 20 points that is considered as very much perfect. When splitting, there are chances that a player can manage to get either a single or double blackjack, but it is only a matter of chance. There are also variations of blackjack games that might allow player to split his cards that holds a value of ten each but under this case it is important that the cards should be of different ranks. But in most casinos this might not be allowed as the cards are of distinct ranks. You have to keep in mind that you don’t just get fooled by any such set of rules. A hand value of 20 is always considered as same even if you get it by having a jack and king or even by having two queens.

If you are holding a pair of five then it is better not to split. This pair has a value equal to 10 points and even if you are dealt with card that has a value equal to 10 and if you manage to hit along with a pair of two 5s then you can get a hand total equal to 20. So there are chances that a player may get blackjack just by hitting. So even if the player is getting a card in a row that is 8 or 9 then he might get a hand total of 18 or 19 keeping him in a much better position. So if you try splitting two fives, then there are chances that you may get stuck up with 15 in both card hands. This same logic is also applicable if you get a card of lower denomination like two fours. Avoid splitting two fours.

If you manage to get a pair of ace it is advisable to split. A pair of aces has a value equivalent to 12 or even 2. When splitting under such circumstances then there are chances that a player may get busted. Moreover a player has a much better chance that he can get a blackjack or a hand value equal to 18. Players can also try splitting a pair of 8 or 9.

So if you are having a pair of 2, 3, 6 or even 7 then before splitting it is important that you have a look at the dealers face up card. In case the dealer is holding a face up card of value 8, 9, 10 or an ace then it is advisable not to split. The dealer has a much better chance of winning a total of 18. So it is not advisable to place more bet under this condition. But if the dealer is holding cards of value 6 or 7 or even less, then he is always in a much weaker position and more like he may bust. So the player should always try playing few hands taking full advantage of this opportunity.

These strategies that are stated here are based on a number of simple reasons. There are a number of strategies that are developed making use of better system and simulation. These can be found in the card strategies. There are few minor differences between the two types.

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