Strategy For Doubling in Blackjack

Players are allowed to either hit or stand when playing blackjack game. Besides a player can also make use of four other options like surrender, split, double and insure. This article provides with all related information when a player is expected to double his play.

First of all we need to understand the real meaning of doubling move. A player can always take his decision on doubling after viewing the two set of cards that are dealt to him and also after viewing the face up card of the dealer. When any player decides to double then he may be allowed to draw another card following one more card and no more. When doubling the strategy involves the fact that the next card that is draw may have a value equivalent to 10 in 30% cases. This particular strategy has been proved after performing thousands of research on a number of hands. The strategy that is discussed here is true for a game that is played making use of a single deck of card. So if you are playing making use of more deck of cards then the strategy might differ accordingly.

So if the player is holding a set of two cards that has a value equivalent to 11, then it is advisable that this player should try to double as there are better chances that he might get a blackjack or even closer to 21. Even if the player is holding two cards that have value equivalent to ten, still he can always maintain a very strong position. If the dealer has a card of value 10 or also an ace, this player can always try to double. This is one condition when the dealer holds all possible advantage. In case the player holds cards that has value equal to 9 then his chances of winning reduces further. Under this circumstance, a player should double if he is sure that the dealer shall bust. This is only possible if the dealer is holding cards between 2 to 6. Even if the dealer is having a card that has face value of 5 or 6 and if the layer is having a card value equal to 8, then it is advisable that he should double. This has been proved by a number of simulations performed on the computer. If a players is having card with value equal to 7 then he should always avoid doubling as even after drawing a card he may get a total of 18. So it is not advisable to double.

Doubling can be done by the player if he is holding a soft total of 13 – 19. So it is important that the player holds an ace and a card numbered between 2 and 8. So even if the player has managed to draw a card that is high value, he can manage to convert ace point from 11 to1. But under such circumstances the doubling strategy may depend a lot on the dealer’s card and if he is ready to bust. So if the dealer holds a 4, 5 or even 6, and the player has a soft total between 13 – 16, then he can always double. If he is having a soft total of 17, then a player can double if he is sure that dealers up card is between 2 – 6. And if the dealers face up cad is between 3 and 6 then the player can double for soft total equivalent to 18. If dealer is having a face up card that is 6 then the player can double for a soft total of 19.

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