Caribbean Stud Terminology

Ace-King – This is also considered as lowest hand to make a win. This is also a qualifying hand for the dealer to proceed with the game.

Ante – bet that is placed by the players much before the hands are dealt.

Ante Box – a place where players place their bet and is a part of the table.

Caribbean stud poker – a type of poker game or 5 card game, where most players have to play against the dealers and not against each other.

Dealer – a person who is responsible for dealing the card on the table. He also manages the bank.

Fold – when a player chooses to quit the game. This is when he does not want to play the hand.

Hierarchy of Hands – every hand holds a certain set of value that may differ from low to high rank. This is followed when the winner is to be determined. So here the high hand is the royal flush.

House – a term used for casino and also dealer.

Payout table – in case you are holding a better hand then you win this amount.

Progressive jackpot – this is a type of bet where players can manage to win a bigger hand, but it depends a lot on other hands that are being played.

Progressive jackpot box – you certainly place your progressive jackpot bet in this box.

Push – in case you have a tie then you term it as push, in this case you may never get the win but only your ante bet amount back.

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