Rules for Playing Caribbean Stud

5 card stud is a poker game that is recognized for decades. There are a number of people who learn to play this game even before they think of searching for unlimited variations of card games. Caribbean Stud is also considered as a type of 5 card stud. This is a type of game that is played in a number of tables in casino, just like the 21 blackjack table. When playing this game you should be aware of the two differences that are present in this game, but we shall speak of that later on. When paying Caribbean stud it is important that you understand that this game originally originated in Cruise ships, before it could actually be introduced in US and Europe.

When playing this game players make use of 52 cards from a single deck of cards. One of the main differences that you must know is that players have to try and play against the dealer instead of playing the game against other players. You can also try and play jackpot bonus. The jackpot bonus is very much attractive, and is designed such that they are made to encourage a number of new players. The game provides players with a number of advantages and bluffing is considered as unattainable.

When playing the game players begin by placing their ante bet. The dealer may then deal 5 cards to the player that are not open and face down. In this game the dealer also get five card to play in which his one card is face up and other four are face down. So having a look at the face up card the player may have to take his decision if he wants to continue playing or not. If the player is intending to play further, then he may have to place bet that is double the first bet. So the remaining hands of the dealer shall be reveled the moment the bet is placed. In case the dealer is holding either ace or king then the game may continue and if he does not have it then the player wins even money and the amount of his second bet is returned immediately. So if the dealer is having ace or king then the player must reveal his cards and he can win only if his hands are better than dealer’s hands.

In this table you can view the amount of money you may win depending on your hand type.






Straight- Flush


4 of a type








3 of a type


Two pair




Ace or King



The progressive jackpot in a game of Caribbean stud is considered as a type of side bet. This is one condition where the jackpot certainly has very little dependency on your hand. When playing the player is expected to place a single dollar bet on jackpot. The bet also stats if the player receiving the cards will be better or flush. So in case the hand wins then it is expected that the players gets to win the jackpot depending on the payout options. So if the player wants to win the entire pot then he should hold a royal flush. Casino rules may differ depending on the offer of the progressive jackpot and so the players decide if they are playing or folding. There are a number of casinos that offer variation of tables so before playing it is important that you check with these also.

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