When you enter any online or offline casino, locating craps table can be a very easy task as this place is generally very crowded and raucous. In case if you are a gambler, then you are just enthusiast with playing craps as most gamblers prefer playing this game. It is very much exciting, such that the excitement created by this game is very much similar as compared to sports betting. When playing craps a player can always get involved by placing his bet on all possible outcomes of the dice thrown, without actually being practically the person who is throwing the dice on the table.

When speaking of the origins of the game, it can be pretty ambiguous. People are aware that dice games have been played for more than thousands of years around us, in different societies and communities. It is believed that this game was in fact developed from a well know dice game that was termed as hazard. It is also believed that the game of hazard was actually originated from an ancient game that was played in Arab and was termed as ‘Azzahr’ or die. Over the past few years the game also migrated and made its way into France and Britain. The game was renamed as Hazard the moment it was introduced in Britain. The French people were the first who introduced the game to Canada and after that it migrated to New Orleans. After traveling on river boats across New Orleans the game managed to reach the shores of America on West coast. Even if you have been playing this game for over a year, still you might find this game pretty complicated.

The game offers players with enormous variations where you can place your bets. The game has a number of betting variations that are also believed to be in the favor of the house rather than player.

When placing your bets in a game of craps, the structure is divided into two different formats. Players can either bet with the dice or there are also chances that they can place their bet against the dice. Whenever you are betting with the dice, it is always considered as the right type of betting, and in case you are placing your bets against the dice then it is always looked up as wrong type of betting. When speaking mathematically, there is no difference between the two types of bets that the players make.

So the moment the player shoots the dice he is also expected to hit either 7 or 11, which are also considered as the winning numbers that are going to payout in even money to the players. The moment the players hit 12 or 2, then these numbers are said to be craps and the players always lose their bet. But in case you manage not to hit 7, 11, 2 or 12 then this is considered as points in craps, then you should try and hit the same number once again, before you roll 7. In case you hit a point and then hit a 7 you shall win and will be paid in even money.

There is a lot that players can always learn related to craps odds and also the betting system. So in case you are a novice player then it is advised to keep on search for new strategies to play the game.

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