Craps – Comparing Bets

Crap is an online casino game that offers its players with a number of bets. When playing craps, the bets offer a wide variation of returns in the long term for the players. It is considered that some of the best are in fact more advantageous as compared to others. When playing a game of roulette, the payout options are generally standardized and may not differ from one casino to the other one. But when playing craps, players may come across different payout for the same bets in different casinos online and offline. So most players can easily try and make a comparison of different types of bets offered by different casinos and also for same type of bets that are offered in a number of online casinos.

When comparing bets, house edge is always considered as a perfect format of measure. It may provide you with a perfect value that you may have to pay to the casino when playing a game for longer period of time. But there are a number of online casinos that may not provide house edge report for each and every bet placed. They may only provide the player with the final payout. House edge refers to the actual payout that has been worked out mathematically. This type of mathematically worked out bet may not vary in different online casinos. This is much better explained taking an example of a number 12 as the outcome. If we speak of the corrected odds then it come to be 35:1. Microgaming offers players with a payout that is equivalent to 30:1. This is what explains the house edge of around 13.7%. If any other software provides players with a much lower payout equivalent to 29:1 then the house edge would be 16.7%.

Here is a list of mathematically rectified odds, payout offered by Microgaming and house edge.


Mathematical odds

Microgaming payout

House edge


5 – 1

4 – 1


Hardway 8 or 6

10 – 1

9 – 1


Hardway 10 or 4

8 – 1

7 – 1


Single roll 2 or 12

35 – 1

30 – 1


Single roll 3 or 11

17 – 1

15 – 1


Big 6 or big 8

6 – 5

1 – 1


Place 10 or 4

2 – 1

9 – 5


Place 9 or 5

3 – 2

7 – 5


Place 8 or 6

6 – 5

7 – 6



A number of bets when playing craps also provide with multiple outcomes along with odds that are mathematically corrected plus the payouts may never be stated simply. Here is the list of house edge on these types of bets.

Pass line – House edge is 1.4%

Don’t pass – House edge is 1.4%

Field – House edge is 2.7%

So the best way to place and under stand bets in craps is to try and make a comparison. A game of slot has a house edge of around 5%. So in case the edge on the house is less than 5% then you should play the game. In case the House Edge is greater then just forget about playing the game.

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