Craps – History

The very first players playing dice rolls dates back to Roman times. There are also a number of evidences that proves that a number of Roman Emperors also tried to cheat when playing dice games. The first cubical dice was created by 600 BC, and a number of evidences also states that dice games were played by Indians as well. Asia also made use of dice for playing games including Knuckles games.

There were also a number of fortune tellers in the past who made use of stones, bones, sticks and arrows to throw and tell the fortune or fate of people and then later on this was also taken up as a means to gamble stating the fortune of the tribe. Shaman also made use of dice for the same purpose. So we can ensure that these dice games have been with us for a number of years in the past. Presently the dice is cubical shaped and has numbers starting from 1 to 6, but in the past these were used in a number of variations like animal teeth, wood, nut shells, bones and also horns of animals. For a number of years cubical dice carved from ivory were also used to play. But presently hard cellulose is made use of in most casinos.

Craps was believed to be originated much sooner than BC era. Sic Bo is a game that is very much similar to craps but the game is played making use of three separate dice and it’s originated in the ancient Chinese culture. The bets placed in the two games are very much similar but they are recognized by different names. They follow separate set of rules and regulations to play. There are scholars who believe that the origination of craps is dated back around hundreds of years. Initially the game was better known as Hazard and was playing in Britain or England. Evidences also prove that the game originated much earlier in around 12th century. A number of European people play this game till date and the game was introduced in America by Mayflower.

The French people also introduced the game in US in the late 19th century. French people named the game Craps and not Hazard. Over the past few years, the game has been developed a number of times including the layout. When playing earlier, players had the option of betting against the house edge only.

Winn was the person who managed to create a few set of rules for playing and termed as right or wrong. The table layout was also re-introduced with few changes. The game is now played for over 70 years with not much change. The game is also very much popular in a number of countries that lie outside North American Jurisdiction.

When playing craps, beating the house is one motive. People make use of several strategies to beat the house edge. Today there are a few additions in craps like progressive jackpot.

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