Rules For Playing Craps

This is a game that is played making use of two different dice on a table layout by placing bets. There is too much of shouting and excitement, so more people enjoy playing this game, online and offline in a number of casinos. The game is also called as a chance game which is placed by the players on the dice. When playing this game, players may have to follow a few set of rules that are very special as they teach you to bet. The dice used in this game is also inspected by professionals after a few set of games as it is made up of cellulose. Each dice is used for around 8 hours in a game and is then removed. This is one exercise that prevents cheating and at the same time players are sure that it does not get too warm. If you are a shooter then it is important that you develop the right strategy to hold the dice.

When scattering the dice on the table, shooters have to make use of single hand only. The dice is also expected to hit the opposite side of the wall when thrown. In case the dice gets thrown off the table, then the shooter can also inspect it and request for replacement.

When playing the game of craps, players may have to face a single shooter at a time. Players are present at the table in a number up to twenty and may place their bets. So even if you are not a shooter still there is lots of fun in the game. When playing this game, players can make different types of bets. A number of employees may also be keeping a close watch at the table.

The play

The starting roll is termed as come-out roll. This is also termed as the first type of bet that any player can place. So if the shooter is in fact able to make points then and only then is he allowed to keep the dice. In case the shooter fails then the dice is always passed on to the next player in the row. So the next chance is given to the players who are on the left side of the shooter.

The shooter is the person who may throw the dice on the other side of the table where there are a number of betting areas. When playing craps the betting are is divided into three separate areas. There is a center betting and two side betting area. The table also shows the areas like don’t pass, pass, don’t come and come opposite to each other. You can also see the field bets, odds and place on the table. Preposition bets are present on the center.

When the outcome is 7 or 11, then it is the pass bets. So in case the dice gets 2, 3, or even 12 then you lose.

Even if 7 or 11 is outcome then don’t come and don’t pass will lose. So if you have to win then it is important that you get either 2 or 3.

In case 12 is the outcome then it is considered as a tie.

And here are the different types of bets that a player can place in craps.

Pass line – Bet – in case the first outcome is either 11 or 7, then you win. In case the outcome is either 2, 3 or even 12 then the player loses. Players can also continue to play the game by wishing that a point can be gained before rolling 7. In this case if the 7 is rolled much before the point then you may lose.

Pass line bets odds – in case points are made then players can place their odds. They may in fact depend according to the points. Here are those options:-

1. 4 or 10 = 2:1
2. 5 or 9 = 3:1
3. 6 or 9 = 6:5

Come bet – the rules for pass line bet and come bet are just the same. It is not possible to place the bet till the player has made the point. The players may begin by saying that the number 7 shall be rolled as a secondary number after point. So in order to win it is important that you roll 7.

Come bets Odds – this is the same as odds with pass line.

Don’t pass-line bet – this is considered as opposite of pass bets. To win it is important that players get a 2 or a 3. In case they get a 12 then it is considered as a tie. In this case you are expected to make points after 7 followed by point and then 7, or else you lose.

Don’t-come bet – this is also opposite of come bet. You need to follow the same directions.

Place bets – before you place bet it is important to make points. After that a player is expected to place his bet on a specific number before the number 7 is rolled. In case the number is the outcome then there are chances that you win but the payout ratio might differ depending on the appearance of the number.

4 or 10 = 9:5

5, 6, or even 8 = 7:6

Field bets – when playing this bet, you can leave other bets till you have won or even lost the bet. Here the players bet if 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or even 12 shall be the outcome or not. In case other options are the outcome then you lose. The payout ratio is 2:1 or even 3:1. In case the number is not 12 or 2, then you are also paid even.

Big 6 and 8 bets – this bet is won only if you roll 6 or 8 before rolling 7. You can place this bet anytime in the game.

Preposition bets – these types are present at the center table. You can place them as you wish. These types are simply single throw bets.

Any craps – should roll A, 2, 3, or even 12. Payout ratio is 8:1.
Any 7 – out come should be 7. Payout is 5:1.
Eleven – 11 is rolled and payout is 16:1.
Ace deuce – outcome is 3 and payout is 16:1.
Boxcars or aces – 30:1 for getting 2 or 12.

Horn bet – players are expected to bet on numbers 2, 3, 11 or 12. It is a single shot bet. Payout is dependent on the outcome number.

Hardways – players bet on pairs when playing this bet. When the outcome is 7 you can win. So payout is 8:1 for 4 to 10 and 10:1 for 6 or 8.

House advantage

House advantage usually depends on the bet. It varies from 2% to 17% in craps.

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