Keno is considered as a game that most players either know about or may not know about it. This is a type of game that is looked up as lotto in the world of casino. Very much similar to playing lotto, the numbers are drawn to declare the winner. The main objective when playing this game is to try and pick the number that you expect shall be the outcome in the row. So depending on the casino type and the players, the game may either be pretty fast or slow. If you are interested in playing the online version of this game then you can always control the pace at which the game is played. You can also play the game in keno machines, but there are also a number of players who enjoy playing this game live. When playing in live casino players can enjoy the game sitting in a lounge and chatting with other players and enjoy the game and drinks. One of the best options when playing keno is that you can always collect tickets for around 20 different games and then play another game on another table.

Always bear in mind that keno is a very simply game to play. Basic set up and rules of the game are just piece of cake even for new players.

When playing the game you can play it on the keno board. When looking at the board, you may find it consists of eighty numbers starting from 1 to 80. The first forty set of numbers are termed as top half while the next forty are termed as bottom half. There are not many variations when playing keno as each of the game goes in the same pattern. In the beginning around 20 numbers are drawn by the players. When playing in a live casino, you may also be making use of ball system to draw the numbers. Most casinos make use of Ping Pong sized balls that have the numbers printed on them, and these balls are sucked up by the machine just like in lotto. There are also a number of live casinos that make use of technology (computers) to pick the numbers. So in case the number you selected is the outcome, then you are the winner of the game. In case all 20 numbers are selected and disclosed then the winners are declared and are paid.

When playing this game, players may find a number of diversities. Players have the option where they can always try and select different numbers at a time. To make your best win it is important that you hit the numbers you selected. In case you have managed to select around 6 numbers, then to cash back your money you at least have to try and hit 3 numbers.

When playing keno, players may generally be paid high. If you want to win it may depend on the total numbers that you have selected. So if you select two numbers then your probability of winning is around 6% and so on. Always bear in mind that different casinos have their own set of rules for payouts in a game of keno. When playing this game online, you may have to try and search for the best payout option.

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