History of Keno

The origination of the game is hard to determine. When looking into the past, there are a number of myths that are associated with the origination of keno. The real truth may never be revealed to us, but there are a number of scholars, who have narrowed the study to a much greater extent. A number of people also believe that the game was originated from China. There are a number of accounts and tales that suggested that Cheung Leung started this game in the 200 BC in Han Dynasty. The game was originated to provide help to the city during the war to raise money for army supplies and food.

The game also managed to spread across China and was believed to be very much helpful. The game was also used to collect funds for the construction of great wall. The game also developed such that it was used to pass different numbers with the help of pigeons to a number of players in the battle field and even other cities. This was the main reason why this game was also renamed as white pigeon.

There are also a number of poems that have been written related to this game in the Chinese culture. This game was also made use of for helping children learn. When playing this game in China, the boards still make use of original letters even tough today you can find around 80 characters instead of 120 characters.

Now let’s move to the other section of the Keno history which may be a little bit uninteresting. With the development of railroad the game also managed to reach to others parts of the Asia from China and ten reached other countries. During this period gambling was considered as illegal in China so most people had to play this game in the hide out areas. Due to the imposition of law there were many people who had to move this game to a number of other places like San Francisco. Presently most players can fid this lottery game of Keno in Chinese street in San Francisco. Till 18th century this game was not taken very serious in US and in the recent years a number of casinos in Vegas managed to re-introduce this game.

Recently the characters present on the cards were also changed to the number forms so more number of people could in fact play this game. When playing this game in casinos you may find a number of variations of the game and tickets. You can enjoy playing this game in different types of house edge.

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