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Keno is considered as a very popular game that is played in a number of land based and online casinos. Microgaming software also provides players an opportunity where they can play Keno uninterrupted. This game is also listed in the category of other games.

When playing this game in the Microgaming software, the players have an option where they can in fact select up to 15 different numbers on a single ticket. The ticket is printed on the corner available in the top of the screen. Players can easily select the right type of numbers simply by clicking the screen. You can also try and deselect the numbers by clicking them. If you make use of the undo button on the screen then you may also manage to collect the information related to your last wager. You can also try and view the total payout when selecting the numbers itself.

Players can get the biggest payout when selecting at least 15 numbers in a single go. In this case players are paid around 10,000 coins for placing their bets. You can wager $1 per bet per ticket. You can also make use of ‘-‘ or ‘+ ‘ keys for increasing or decreasing the amount of the wager. After selecting the amount and placing the wager, click the play option and then you may be able to see the drawn numbers below on the screen. The numbers that you select also get highlighted on the tickets. The payout is also highlighted on the ticket. You can always view your live balance at the bottom of the screen. After placing your bets the amount is deducted from your bankroll and balance is indicated. You can also view all the winning on the box provided. Players can choose the option to play the same numbers of even player new numbers. A simple click at the clear button and past history is erased.

When playing at the Microgaming players can always make use of a number of other options that they should in fact know. You can exit the game immediately by making use of game button. When clicking the bank option you can always view you entire banking options. Players can also customize the sound options to two different levels. The software makes use of a number of special sound effects including the ball rolling sound. Making use of few other buttons players can access menu, financial history, play history along with the news of the casino.

You can also enjoy your best game of slots Kings and Queen game, so it is advisable to play the new Spin Palace, All slots, Gaming club and a few others online that are powered by Microgaming software.

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