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This game is very much similar to the game of Bingo or other form of lottery games. There are a number of people who believe that this game originated in China around 200 BC, but there are no written evidences to that. There are a number of other beliefs that cater the origination of this game. The game was introduced by Chinese in America in the early 19th century. These people migrated to US in search for working in mines and railroads so they could make more money. This game has a much greater potential to help people earn money as compared to any other game.

This game is presently played in a number of casinos online and offline across US. The best part is that people can enjoy playing this game even when they are dinning with their family and friends or even when playing a game of slot on the machine. There are a number of casino employees or even called as Keno runners who might in fact place the wager for you and see if you win the spin or not. Players can always relax and watch their winnings and you may only need to go and collect the winning amount. There are a number of casinos that might also provide you with TV screen to display the winning ticket numbers so you can make your comparison.

Players can also play this game in a number of online casinos. When playing online you may never have to wait around for your results as the videos provide players with an instant result just like the slot machines. Players who play this game have to begin by selecting numbers between 4 and 10. Players can select numbers ranging from 1 to 80 that are present on the Keno board. Players can also try selecting multiple numbers to play multiple tickets so they can increase their chance of winning.

When playing this game, players may only need to take the tickets that are available at the lounge area. After that you may have to mark al the numbers on which you want to place your bets on. The players may then have to return the tickets back to the runner. After the numbers are declared by the dropping balls the winning ticket numbers are declared. So in case you manage to win then you are paid accordingly.

When playing this game in the video version, you can also bet for around 5 cents but in land based casinos the minimum bet is around $1 for every ticket. Different casinos might also provide with different types of Keno tables.

Your payout may also depend on the type of ticket you have. So if you manage to bet on the progressive jackpot then there are chances that you may win around $50,000 on your ticket.

The house edge is generally around 30% but may also vary. So players have around .25% chance to win, which is also said to be very low.

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