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You can find Keno games at the Vegas technology under special section. Players have an option of playing around 15 numbers. The software is designed to draw 20 numbers. So if the outcome is the marked number then you win. Players are always paid according to the marked numbers that are hit.

You can view the tickets at the top corner of the screen. You can select the numbers by clicking on them. Players can also deselect the numbers accordingly and clear the numbers by clicking the clear option. You can make use of the button provided below to place your bets. You can bet $1, $ 2, $ 10 and $5 on your bets. Players can select to play 1, 5 or 10 games and select to play the same numbers on these tickets. This is the option that can be used to begin the play.

At the right side of the ticket you can view the payout options and table. You may find different payout table when selecting different type of tickets for playing. After marking the desired numbers, you can view the payout table. The payout is provided for different set of numbers. When the player has selected around 15 numbers then the payout are displayed for 3 different drawn numbers and the payout is around 0.5. The maximum payout is around 10,000 and when you place a bet of $2 for each ticket then the payout is $20,000.

After the game begins the selected number balls are dropped to the left side on the screen of the ticket. So the moment the numbers are hit then they are highlighted in green color. On selecting multiple games the next game option is created automatically on the screen. So the moment the last game is over the status is left displayed on the screen. Players can also view a number of useful information on their screen. You can view the quality of the different numbers played under the Total numbers played option. By clicking the bet option you can see your total bets placed and by clicking the win option you can view your winning numbers.

Once the game is over you can rebet to reproduce the game that was played last but it ay not begin automatically. You can also select the play 1, 5 or 10 games to begin playing them on the same ticket. If you click the clear button then you can view the new ticket.

You can also try to customize the playing area by clicking the option button. You can also customize the sound options to hear the ball rolling and hit number sound. This is one way that can help in providing you with real experience of the game. You can also try eliminating the background sound when playing to concentrate more on your game. When playing the game, you can see all 20 balls draw simultaneously and the results been displayed on the screen for the hit numbers. If you want to play the game faster, you can also disable the animations on the screen, and this adds to the advantage of faster gaming option. Players can also play the game in window mode or full screen.

You can play the game of Keno at Vegas technology.

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