Strategy to Play Keno

Keno is a game of luck, just like Bingo. When playing this game, players may not be able to make any prediction of the number that shall pop up as a result of spin. The process is random and so there is a very small strategy that players can make use of for increasing their chance of winning. So in case you manage to select any five numbers on the ticket there is always a greater probability that other five numbers could in fact be the winner. This is because each and every number on the ticket has an equal chance of coming up.

There may not be much effect of your picks on the out comings of the winning numbers. This game is very much like the game of blackjack or poker in which the dealer shuffles the cards randomly. When playing keno the balls are spun randomly. There is no chance that you may guess the winning numbers, but there are also chances that your guess might be correct. Even if one single ball is drawn from the basket, still you may have another 79 probabilities for the next number. You may still have a chance to guess the right number, but in case you draw around ten more numbers then you always have better chance to win.

When playing Keno, you should never expect that the same number shall be drawn in the next game also. There are always chance that you place your bets on the numbers that have not be drawn for past few games. Making use of this strategy you can see better winnings but still it is done randomly, so you can not call this a fool proof strategy.

There are a number of players who also bet on the set of the numbers that have been drawn in the recent games. They feel that these numbers are lucky for them and have a pattern linked with it. They always study a few past games and see which numbers have been repeated. Then these players will bet on the same numbers so they can hope to win.

It is always a better strategy to try and select numbers that are in sequence like 7 and 8 or even 30 and 31. This is again said to be a superstitious belief, but there are a number of players who have been successful making use of this strategy.

Most players also place their bets on the consecutive numbers every time, but this is also a belief and as these numbers are drawn randomly, there is no guarantee.

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