Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is believed to originate from Chinese game of Domino. So, similar to any other Chinese games, Pai Gow is also an enjoyable game and played at leisurely pace. When playing Pai Gow you certainly can enjoy it for hours as your bankroll is never used up fast.

How to win when playing Pai Gow Poker

The game is played wit ha pack of 53 cards which contains a single joker. The game is played one-on-one either against the player or the banker. This game provides an opportunity where you can make some of the best hands and decide your win.


After a roll of the dice it is decided which player may receive the initial set of cards to play. When playing Pai Gow, every player is also dealt with 7 cards so they can easily split these cards as two hands separately. The hands are split such that one hand may contain 5 and other hand might contain 2 cards. The set of five cards is also termed as high hand where as the second set is termed as low hand of front card. When paying Pai Gow it is important that you know how to arrange your cards in hands such that back hand should have high value cards as compared to front cards. So if you are having high ranked cards in both hands as compared to the dealer then you win at the ration of 1:1 less 5% as commission that you have to pay to the bank.

In case your hands are smaller as compared to dealer hands then you just loose your bet and dealer wins. If one of your hands wins, then it is considered as tie between dealer and player. So when playing in Pai Gow it is advisable that you have a strong hand to win. The house edge in Pai Gow poker is around 2.3%.

When playing Pai Gow you have to ensure that you set both low and high hands perfectly. Your main aim should be to maintain strong hands both with front and back cards. When playing Pai Gow you may follow a few strategies like no flush, no pair and no straight. Always ensure you make use of 2nd and 3rd highest cards in the row. Try using the highest ranked card perfectly. So if you want to make your best win in Pai Gow it is important that you play the role of the banker. This is one way where you can always increase all your chances of getting best house edge. One of the main reasons why most pro players suggest being a banker in this game is a banker gets to win all copies!

When playing Pai Gow each and every player gets a chance to be a banker for at least one or two hands. Players are also allowed to pass the bankers option to next player in the row. The winner of the hand can also be made as the banker but if he does not want to be the banker then he can pass it to next player. It is the role of the banker to cover the bets of each and every player present on the table. But in case you don’t have sufficient money then there is no point in playing the role of the banker. Pai Gow poker is a game where players can increase their chances of winning big amounts covering all their loses.

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