Pai Gow Poker – Basic Rules to play

When playing Pai Gow poker, you need to begin with placing your ante bet. Right after placing your bet you shall be given 7 cards, based on chance. The dealer is a person who shall roll the dice for you. The outcome of the dice generally determines which player gets which cards. The player sets the cards in his hands in a set of two hands. The first set is termed as back hand and is made up of five cards and the second hand is termed as front hand and is made up of two cards. The back hand is made according to poker hand. So you have to ensure that you set the best five cards to form a poker hand. The hand with highest denomination is called as Royal Flush and other one which is lowest is termed as pair. Players can also set A, 2, 3, 4 & 5 in a row and is termed as a wheel. Try to make a pair from the second hand. So if you have the option then try to make a highest pair of cards.

Once the players have set all hands the banker shall begin stating the house rules for player’s satisfaction. So the players and the dealer can show their behind hand. After this they can disclose the front hand. In case there is a tie then the banker is declared as the winner. A player who has hand that is next in row as compared to the banker receives even money. A 5% commission is paid to the banker from all winnings. A push occurs if the player manages to win one hand but loses other. But in case you have lost both hands then the players is declared as a looser. When push, a players gets a single bet back.

When playing Pai Gow poker, always keep in mind that five card hand should have more value as compared to two card hand. In case it happens it is considered as a foul and you may lose both hands. Players can also make use of joker or wild card in straight flushes. Flushes and straights. In remaining hands this is used in place of ace. A joker is always considered as high value card that is unused.

In case there is an empty chair at the table then it is dealt as a Dragon hand. You can play this hand based on rules of the casino.

In most cases, it is the responsibility of the casino to provide with the banker. But in certain casinos players can also act as a banker. So even if the players are playing the role of the dealer they might have to pay 5% tax to the casino. As dealer wins on the tie so this is always considered as best advantage that favors you. Every player shall act as a banker and the pattern is generally in the clockwise pattern. In case any payers does not want to be a banker, the next player in the row can act as the banker.

If any player wants to act as a banker then it is important that he must have enough money to cover the bets of each and every player on the table. So the banker must have enough money to pay all winners playing on the table. To be a banker you shall also be playing against the casino bank. Certain casinos might also allow players to be co-bankers. So if you have to act as a banker, it is necessary that you are familiar with all rules of the house. Co-banking might not be allowed by most casinos but you can always find a place for yourself. Being a banker is always in the favor of the player.

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