Pai Gow Poker – History

Pai Gow is a card game that has its origination in ancient China. Playing this game might be little complicated task as the game is based on the Chinese Dominos. The dealer is a person who might group the players into four separate groups just like domino tiles. The dice is then rolled by the dealer to state which player gets his chance to play.

Ever since its origination, the game has managed to undergo a number of variations and changes, and so the rules and regulations for playing the game have also changed accordingly. Presently the version of Pai Gow makes use of rules that were set in the 19th century, the time when this game was considered as very much popular. The game is based on the Chinese domino or tile game but players need to play this game with cards and not using tiles. A few rules have also been changed such that the present version is more like poker other than domino.

In 1980s this Chinese game managed to make its way into US and gained popularity. Initially this game was very much played in California as a number of immigrants were Chinese. The game was also introduced in Las Vegas in the year 1987 and then later on to other cities including Atlanta. The main reason for this delay was the difference in law in different states of US. Till date a number of casinos offer with wide variations of the game, even though this game is not very much popular. Players can enjoy playing this game in the online community.

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