Pai Gow Poker Terminology

Banker – a term used for a person who handles the bankroll and is generally the person who plays against you.

Co-banking- an active player who acts as a banker for any round. Most casinos might not provide with this features as they never have an opportunity for supplying with an employee. So if you get an opportunity to play as a banker then you have best opportunity to win.

Copies – another word for tie. The banker wins the bet.

Dragon hand – this is offered if there is any empty chair on the table. There are a number of casinos that might offer players to play dragon hand.

Hand behind – a term used for 5 hand and is generally placed behind 2 card hand.

Hand in front – the hand that is ahead the 5 card hand.

High card – this refers to high value cards that a player has. It is an ace present in Royal flush. So if you have the same set of cards as other player, then the one who has high value cards is declared as the winner. If both the players have a pair of deuce and if your next card is an ace then you are the winner.

High hand – same as back hand.

House way – according to the rules the dealer is responsible for placing the hand. It depends on the cards that are in both hands.

Joker – this is considered as wild card present in the deck that can be used to replace other card to complete the hand. In case it is not used then it is equivalent to ace.

Low hand – same as front hand.

Wild card – this is also termed as joker card. This makes the deck of 53 cards in Pai Gow.

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