The meaning of the term roulette in French is a small wheel and this is also one of the most popular casino games played both online and offline. Players have to try and lace the bet on the number that they expect will be the outcome when the wheel is spun. When playing the American version of this game you may notice that the wheel has around 38 holes that are present near the edges of the wheel. The numbers are assigned values from 1 to 36 along with additional 0 and 00. Players are allowed to bet on any of the numbers and in case you make your best win then the payout is around 35 to 1. So if you manage to place a chip on a particular number 14 and if the result of outcome of the spin is also 14 then you manage to win that shall be equivalent to 35 chips.

Whenever you have to try and place a bet on Roulette, the strategy involves selecting the right number that can also be your lucky number and then sticking to that number till you win. There are a number of pro layers who choose to play the same lucky number every time they play a game of roulette. You also have to try and watch the game for some time before placing your bet as you have to ensure the numbers that show up most often whenever the wheel of roulette is spun. But keep in mind that with roulette past experience certainly might not be taken as a surety that the wheel shall provide with same performance every time you select the same number. A lot also depends on the hands of the person who is spinning the wheel. Winning in roulette is always governed more by your best chance and sheer luck.

When you notice the roulette wheel the numbers are spread in the boxes of two separate colors generally the black and red. So if you are placing your bet on the color then you shall have a chance of winning 1:1 ratio. You can also try splitting the numbers in a pattern of three as there are total of 36 numbers. These are also indicated as 1st – 12, 2nd – 12 and then 3rd – 12 numbers. The payout when betting on these is generally in the ratio 2:1. Players are also allowed to place their best bets on the special combination of numbers. In case you manage to do this then you have a chance that you may in act win in case any of the numbers is the outcome of the spin. In this case the payout is in the ratio 17:1 if you manage to place your bid on the two numbers, 11:1 if the player manages to place his bid on the three numbers and 8:1 if the player manages to place his bid on the four numbers.

Roulette is one of the most preferred casino games online and offline. The game is full of excitement and fun. When playing roulette, players don’t have to develop any special skills and strategies and so it is easy to learn and play. You can play European Roulette or the American Roulette. There certainly is not much difference when playing the two types and both types are very common in a number of land based and online casinos.

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