Calculating Roulette Payouts

When playing roulette, the payout is the sum of money that any player wins and is in the form of multiple amounts on the total money he placed on his bets. This is only possible if the player has managed to hit the number he placed his bets on. The payout is in the form of x : 1 ( where x can be any number). So if the player has wagered $1 on a particular number and the wager is equivalent to 8 then the total payout that the player shall receive is 8:1 = $8. One of the main advantages when playing roulette is that the player shall also be returned his $1 wagered amount back. So if the payout is equivalent to 5:1 then the player shall receive $ 25 (in case he has wagered $5), Plus the player shall also receive his wagered $5 back. There are a number of bets that players can place when playing roulette, due to its wide variations. When playing the game online different software might use different methods to explain the payout options. But in case you are a seasoned roulette player then it is important that you understand the real payout option done by these online casinos. This is one way in which they can plan their best betting strategy so they might never have to try and search for this option before playing.

When playing roulette you need to understand that the payout options are very much mathematical and simple. So it may never be essential to try and learn the method of payout performing specific formulation, but to understand the basic principle involved in this procedure. Players can easily calculate the payouts on their own within fraction of seconds.

When performing the calculations, you may not consider 0 and 00 in your calculations (either playing European or American roulette). You just have to think that these two numbers do not exist on the wheel. So when calculating payout option, you are working only with 36 numbers. The reason for this is that 0 and 00 may only help in creating more edge on the house and not your wins.

Column bet is a process that is used to calculate the payout. The players use 12 columns to place in 36 numbers in three different rows. So, totally three rows are made use of for placing 36 numbers. Players who bet on a single row generally win when they hit any one number that is present in the row. The player may not win if the number from other row is the outcome of the spin. Payout is done based on the ration between the winning and the loosing numbers. When playing in the column bet, this ratio is in the form of 24:12. This is also considered as one of the simplest ways to calculate the payout options. So if the player is wagering around $2 then it is obvious then after winning he may win around $4 and also the amount that he has wagered on the bet.

Here is a simple computation for the payouts when playing at roulette irrespective of the wheel you are playing at.

  • Wager on red color: as there are total of 18 red 18 black numbers so, players can lose 18 times and win 18 times. So the payout is in the form 1:1.
  • Wager on six number bet: here a player loses 30 times and wins 6 times so the payout is in the form 30:6 or 5:1.
  • Wager on four number bet: players win on four separate numbers and loses on 32 different numbers so payout ratio is 32:4 or 8:1.
  • Wager trio: players make their win on three separate numbers and lose on 33 different numbers so the payout ratio is equivalent to 33:3 or 11:1.
  • When wager is on split: players can only win on 2 and lose on 34 so the payout is in ratio 34:2 or 17:1.
  • Wager on individual number: players win on 1 and loses 35 times so the payout ratio is 35:1.
    Wager on 00 or 0: the player wins once and loses 35 times so ratio is 35:1.

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