French Roulette Version

This version of roulette can be played on a few online casinos. The basic strategy is based on the European version and is played on 36 numbers and single 0. The layout of the table may be slight different as compared to European version and players can always make use of a number of additional bets and set of rules that are capable of reducing the edge on the house.

When playing the French version, players may notice that the roulette wheel is very much similar to European wheel. The layout of the table is red in color as the black color is not marked on the layout. Players may also find that the numbers on the wheel and layout are printed in French, but when placing the bet, players may have to follow same procedure as European roulette. Here impair means odd numbers and pair means even numbers. Low numbers are indicated by ‘Manque’ and high numbers are indicated by ‘Passe’ The Red and Black colors are featured by diamonds that are colored.

When playing the French roulette version players can also place their bets based on the pattern that is on the wheel and also on the extra pattern that is present on the outside layout. These types of bets are termed as call bets. The numbers next to zero or ‘Voisins du zero’ is a special bet that is on 17 numbers including 0 that has 7 numbers that are on the right side of zero and 9 from the left side. Third number of the wheel or ‘Tiers du Cylindre’ would cover 12 numbers bet which are placed on the opposite side and next to 0. ‘Orphelins’ is a type of bet that can be placed on the remaining set of 8 numbers, which are left out by all other bets. So when playing French version, these three types of bets would cover all the 37 numbers. Players can also make use of other types of bets that can be placed on specific set of numbers. Players can win ‘Finales en Plein’ bets if the number has a specific digit at the end. In case the called number has one of the specified digits then it is termed as ‘Finales a Cheval’. So when playing at any online casino, players can always activate these types of bets by simply clicking the call bet button. The house edge offered by these bets certainly are the same as that offered by any other type of bets when playing roulette, so there may not be much advantages when thinking of the payouts. Players may only find little variation with this game.

‘La Partage’ is a set of rule that offers the players with advantages when playing at French roulette. So when players are placing their bet on any set of even money, they get a chance to win advantage when placing their bets on pair/impair, red/black or Manque/Passe, only if 0 is called. So when this happens then half of the betting amount is returned to the player. When playing even money bets then players can always ensure a reduced house edge. If you like playing roulette, then you can always perform two different things. First try to search for an online roulette casino that offers you with French roulette and secondly try to place bets on even money bets.

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