History of Roulette

‘The Devils Game’ & European Roulette

Roulette is a French term that means small wheel and so its origins are rooted at France, but there are not much proven evidences to this. The real origination of the game is hard to tell. There area number of people who believe that the game was developed by a noted mathematician Blaise Pascal in 17th century. Francois Blanc and Louis adopted this game in 19th century and managed to add 0 to this game to improve the house edge. The game was not played in France till 19th century, so the game was introduced in Germany.

He started the casino named Monte Carlo when introducing the game in Germany. This was the time when Devils theory came into existence as Blanc spoke to devils to develop the skills to play the game. When adding 0 and 36 the resulting number is 666 and is considered as devils signature. This is also why the game was expelled for a period of time.

American Roulette

This version of the game developed from European version of the game in 19th century. After adding 0 to the game it managed to migrate into North America. To give it a different looks they also managed to add 00 to the numbers and increased the edge on the house. By 19th century a number of countries in Europe and America were playing this game in some of the best casinos.

So understand the real strategies of the game it is important that you look at all possible betting options. You can expect to find a lot of help here. Players just have no control over the wheel when playing roulette and so in most cases you have to trust your luck. The croupier throws the marble in the direction opposite to the spin. So this is also one way to help the stone land at a desired spot when spinning. When playing the game in American version, you have 38 different options where the stone can land. Two slots where it can land are 0 and 00 and so you loose when it lands here. You can only win in this case if you have selected to place your bet on the five number. When playing European version you have more chances to win as it has only single 0 giving it a single trap door.

So the moment the bets are placed, the croupier spins the marble and waits for it to land. Players can only place heir bets till the stone is spinning. The marble tends to land in a single slot indicating the winning number.

Winning in roulette is a matter of fun for anyone. There is very less chance for anyone to win a big amount in roulette unless you have placed your big bet on a number. When playing roulette, following the Martingale system is always considered as best option but the amount of bets may double with every round. This is one way where you can always end up losing more than what you win. This game definitely is about math and probability.

Roulette Online

With the advent of technology, online casinos were born. There is no casino where you may never find roulette. Till 1990s, players could either play European version or American version of roulette online. There are also a number of casinos that may provide players with both versions. Due to virtual spinning, there are better chances for anyone to make their best win online. This is also one of the main reasons why most people prefer playing online version of this game.

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