Roulette Terminology

American Roulette Wheel – a variation of roulette wheel and is also provided with 0 and 00 making a total of 38 slots for the stone and increasing the house edge to around 5.4%.

Column Bet – when making use of this betting system, players can bet on 12 numbers and as this type is termed as outside bet so the payout ratio is 2:1.

Corner Bet – this is a type of inside bet where players place the chips on 4 different numbers. The payout is in the ratio 8:1.

Dozen Bet – this is also placed on 12 numbers and the payout with this is equivalent to 2:1.

European Roulette Wheel – this wheel has total of 37 slots including single 0. The house edge is equivalent to 2.7%.

Even Bet – when player places his bet on even numbers other than individual number. The payout is in ratio 1:1.

Five- number bet – players can place this bet on the American wheel when they want to bet on (0, 00, 3, 2, and 1). The payout is in the ratio 6:1.

French Roulette wheel – this is very much similar to European version.

High Bet – when players place their bet on number between 19 – 36 and get a payout of 1:1.

House advantage or edge – a mathematical calculation that casinos make use of for calculating their winning amount.

Inside Bet – when player places his bet on the table grid on a particular number, and the payout is high.

Layout – a term used to describe grid designed on the roulette table.

Line Bet – this type of betting is possible if the players bet on 6 different numbers from the grid. The payout is in the ratio 5:1.

Low Bet – when players place their bet on any single number between 1 – 18.

Martingale system – In this type of betting system players generally double their betting amount every time they lose their bet. When you bet around $5 and lose so in the next round you might have to bet around $10.

Odd Bet – Similar to even bet, but here you place your bet on odd numbers and payout is in the ratio 1:1.

Outside Bet – this term is used when the player bets from outside the grid on the words that are present on the edge on the table. Players can bet on a group of numbers and payout is in the ratio 2:1 or1:1.

Quarter bet – when players place their bet on a group of four numbers. For more details refer corner bet.

Black or Red bet – players can bet on a set of 18 numbers either red color or black color and payout is on even money.

Split Bet – when players place their bet on the line that is in between two different numbers and the winning numbers should be one of the two. The payout is generally in the ratio 17:1.

Straight Up Bet – when betting on this system, players have to place all their chips on single number. All odds are against player and the payout is in the ratio 35:1.

Street Bet – players can place their bet on three different numbers and is also termed as trio bet. The chips are placed near the end of the row and the payout is in the ratio 11:1.

Zero – this refers to a number 0 or 00 on the wheel. This type is also termed as 5-number bet when playing American roulette. Players can not bet by placing their chips on 00 or0 just like the straight bet.

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