Rules in Roulette

Roulette is considered as a very easy game and so everyone can learn it. Within few minutes players can always learn to play this game both online and offline. There are not much probabilities that you need to keep in mind when playing. But the better you understand the game the more chances you have of winning. You also have to be aware of the house edge. So no mater which version of game you play there are always better chances for you to win. When playing for the first time it is advisable that you play at table that has a slow spinning wheel and not much players playing there. So you can learn all the skills and win enough money to play.

When playing roulette you might have to make use of chips to play the game. These chips that you make use of are blank and don’t carry any numerical value with them. Roulette makes use of 6 different colored chips which are around 300 in number. When playing roulette, you might have to decide the value of each colored chip. Every player is having his own set of chips and the denominations might depend on the amount of your bet. If you exchange the chips for 100$ then the least denomination will be for around $5. There are also a number of casinos that might not in fact allow players to place minimum bets.

Rules for American roulette

When playing American version of the game you have 38 slots with 36 numbers, 0 and 00. When playing this version, you are also allowed to place outside bets. The players are not allowed to place their bet before the dealer calls out the number. After this the roulette wheel spins and stone is rotated in the opposite direction. So, the slot where the marble lands, is declared as the win.

The tables might also provide you with the winning bets based on the American system of game. When playing the game in Atlanta city you might have to follow a separate set of rules. The house edge with this game is around 5.26% leaving the bet on five number. The edge on house in this case is around 7.89%.

Rules for single zero

You can manage to find single zero roulette wheel playing at Atlanta City, Vegas and Tinuca. The limits for playing here is higher so a number of high rollers enjoy playing here. When playing at 00 wheel you may not place a high bet. When playing at Nevada Palace in Vegas you may also get to bet around 25 cents as lower limit. The house edge when playing at American wheel is around 2.70%.

Rules for playing European Roulette

European roulette uses a special set of rules which is termed as ‘en prison’ which allows the player to bet even money, and in case the stone lands on 0 then there are chances that the player might get half of his wagered amount back or will be entitled for ‘en prison’. Having bet imprisoned certainly means that the player shall be quitting his bet at that very moment. So if such a bet manages to win in the following round then it shall be released but under that circumstance player may not get their winnings. There are certain set of rules that need to be followed when en prison but the basic strategy is that it is important that player gets a 0 in the next spin or else he may lose his winnings.

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