Rules For Playing Sic Bo.

Tables and dice are considered as a part of Sic Bo game which is very much similar as compared to European Craps. When playing this game players have to play the game on the tables that are already provided with the amount of the bets. So the number player wishes to bet is the area where he is allowed to place the chip. The dice shall provide the outcome and the winners shall be declared.

When playing this game players have to make the prediction of the outcome of dice. Players are allowed to place their bets on a single dice or combination of outcomes. Players are also allowed to place their bets on multiple outcomes.

So when placing your bets, you can place it in eight different ways.

Betting Single Number

The table is provided with an area where you can bet on 6 different numbers. This area is termed as single bet area. Here players are allowed to bet on a single number outcome starting from 1 to 6 on a single dice. Here players place their bets on a specific number and the payout is in the ratio 1:1.

So if you manage to get the outcome on two separate dice, then you can manage to win a payout in the ratio 2:1.

Players are also allowed to collect payout in the ratio 3:1 if the number is present on all three dice. In case you don’t designate to triple bets for the same number then you may never get the payout ratio of 3:1. So, you are qualified for specific triple payout and not the regular triple payout.

Combination of Two numbers

When placing your bet on this area, you are actually specifying a combination on two separate dice instead of a single dice. So the first dice may have the number 3 and second may have 5 is the three outcomes are 1, 3 and 5 then you get a chance to win this bet. The payout ratio here is 6:1.

3 Number Total

When placing your bet on three different dice, players can bet on a number of different combinations. So when placing your bet, you can always bet on either Hi or Lo. The payout options might usually differ depending on the type of bet that you place.

So when placing your small bet you can always bet when the combination is between numbers 4 and 10. So in case you are having 3, then it means that you have lost. When placing your bet you can win a payout of 1:1.

When you are placing your bet on hi number them you can bet on numbers between 11 & 17. So if you try and roll 18 then it is obvious that you have lost the bet. In this case the payout is 1:1.

In this case if the out come is a triple number then you lose, as this is generally considered as a different type of option.

Triple Bets and Pair bets

When playing Sic Bo, players can always bet on triple bets. So, here a player specifies that the outcome on the three dice are the similar numbers. So if the number is 4 then all three dice should have 4 as the outcome result. This type is also called as specific triple. You can also try to place bet on even or odd numbers. When placing such bets, you may never have to specify any specific number for placing their bets. Here are a few examples: 3, 3, 5 or 3, 5, 6 or 5, 6, 5. Here each of the dice is provided with odd number but the numbers are simply not specified.

So, here is a payout option.

In case of specific triple the payout ratio is 150:1.

In case numbers are not specified then payout ratio is 25:1.

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