Sic Bo – History

The game of Sic Bo is also known by the names Dai Siu and Tai Sai. The name is better recognized in the place where you are playing it. When playing in Asia, players may come across all three names. In English, these words mean Hi and Lo or Big and small. The game is also a very popular game till date and more number of people are getting involved in playing it online and offline. People also believe that the game of Sic Bo is very much similar to the European version of Craps that is played making use of two separate dice. The game was introduced in North America by the late 19th century. The immigrants from China who docked at US were the first person to introduce this game in North America in a number of casinos.

As discussed earlier, the game of Sic Bo is played making use of three separate dice rolls. The roller places these dice on the basket and roll them on the table. Most players also find the dice rolling technique very much similar to Yatzee. When playing in any land based casinos, the dice are rolled mechanically. When playing it online the dice are rolled virtually using a simulator. When playing in land based casino the tables are light up for increasing the fun and excitement.

When having a look at the tables player can notice a number of colors that are used to place the bets. Depending on the rules of the games, the players have to try and guess all possible outcomes of the three dice that are rolled on the table. Even if the payout is not much high in Sic Bo, still players can enjoy all the fun and excitement of the game. The game is very much slow moving and so you can enjoy playing it with your friends.

When playing Sic Bo players can always make different types of bets on different numbers. This type of bet is placed when the players feel that the outcome of the die will be between numbers 1 and 6. There are also a number of bets where players can place bets on the outcome of three different dice rolls. So when placing this type of bets the player may bet on numbers between 11 and 17. There are also possibilities where players can bet on similar numbers on three dice like 3s or 4s. Making a win in hi or lo bets is considered as handy where players can earn big money. Different dice bets are having different edge on the house. When placing your bet on the triple number, the house has more advantage against any player.

Always keep in mind that Sic Bo is a game that is based on the chance. So there certainly is no strategy that players can make use of for guessing their best win. There are also a number of strategies that specify you to make bets on wither small or big numbers.

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