Sic Bo – Terminology

Dai Siu / Tai Sai – These words mean Big and small. Sic Bo is the name given to this game. The game is played making use of three separate dice.

Spin – this refers to the action when the roller places the dice in the basket and shakes it. This action is only performed after the bet is placed on the table.

Re-Bet – when players place the same amount of bet on same number but for the second round. So in the previous round you placed a bet equivalent to $4 then in the next round too you have to place the bet of $4.

Clear – This term is used when the table is completely clean and all your bets are placed along with your pile.

Chips – when you make bets you make use of chips. These have different set of values depending on what bet you want to play. When playing online, players only need to click the betting amount.

Layout – the real grid at the table is termed as layout. This shows variations of bets that are allowed for any player.

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