Strategy For Playing Sic Bo

If you are dependent on any elements that are not in your control, then you may never create any working strategy to win the game. When playing Sic Bo, players can place their bets on dice rolls. As the dice rolls are random, so it is not possible for predict anything; so it is next to impossible to try and develop any strategy that may allow the players to predict an early win against the house edge. There are a number of people who have tried to come up with working strategies, but the fact is that these simply don’t work especially when most possibilities are not in your control. So in case you are here to win an extra amount, then it is important that you have to try and pay more attention on every bet that you place.

Small bet – This is the place where players need to predict if the outcome is between 4 & 10. In this case the payout done is even and is consistent, even if it is not big enough.

Big bet – here the winning dice total is in between 11 & 17. The ratio of payout is 1:1 so players generally make a very small amount and the odds are much better.

When playing Hi and LO bets, always bear in mind that these are least risky types. This might not sound very much exciting, but when playing in any game, till you are winning you may enjoy playing, but when you start losing the interest of the game becomes less. In order to win, it is important that you play the game.

If you have to plan to make extra money, then it is important that you try playing more on single number bet as this always increases all your chances of winning. When playing a single number bet, it is certain that you may get the number on at least one of the three dice.

You can also try making specific bets. You can also say that you place your bet on an absolute 11 which can be the total of all three outcomes on dice. On winning the players are given a higher payout but in any case if you don’t manage to get this number then there is no chance that you can win. In this type of bets you are considered as being more specific but when placing bets here you certainly may never be able to place bets on a triple numbers.

When placing your bet on the triples, it is important that you also specify if you want to place it on even, odd or even mix numbers. You can also try placing on a number that is specific triple. In this case you are paid highest for specific bet. The house edge is also more as compared to others. When placing your bet on specific numbers always keep in mind that the probability of getting triple 2s is very much less. The outcome may more likely be a mixed number. You can also increase your chance of winning by stating if the two dice will have odd numbers and other single will have even number.

When playing Sic Bo, the real fun and excitement lies in the conversation and entertainment when playing. Players may never take much interest on the numbers and dice rolls.

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