Microgaming Options For Slots

When playing slots, a number of software may allow players to customize the game for more excitement. Microgaming is one software that provides players with more number of options. Here you can see what options are available and how to use them.

First you have to try and locate the options tab. In a few games you may find the tab in the bottom of the toolbar whereas in others it is present in the bottom left box on the screen. This tab is not named but you can see the two wheel icon on top of it. You can also select the options tab from the menu button by clicking on it, and then clicking the options field from the drop menu.

This option box is provided with two tabs. The first type is the general tab that has three sections. The first type is the game settings and is provided with quick spin facility. You can enable this option by selecting it. So if you make use of this option then the reels may rest very fast as compared to normal game. So if you are looking to get more number of spins within desired time then this is the best option. This option is very important as it helps in customizing sound. When playing at Microgaming, you come across three types of sound effects, the game sound, that are associated with spins, win sounds, you can hear different types of win sounds like scatter wins, wild symbols, line wins and background sound as the music is played when playing. You can switch off each of these or any that you like. Players can also display their wins as coins or credits. You can select the options that you find comfortable. You can also play in ‘doubles or quits ‘options or ‘quadruple or quits’ fashion. Players are also able to disable this option in case they feel so. Players can also enable auto play option from the tab.

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