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When playing in any online slot machine, you may come across a number of symbols. Some are very special as they may provide you with an increased payout. Scatter symbol is one such symbol that may payout bigger amounts.

The symbols are very closely related to the main aspect of the theme that is used in the online slot due to the importance of it. When playing at Wizard gaming, you may find the scatter symbol as Coliseum. There are a number of latest versions of slots online that use animations to represent it. This scatter symbol is different from all other symbols in few aspects. This symbol is not present in the paylines list as active symbol. This is also the reason why they are termed as scatter symbols. You cannot replace them by wild symbols but a wild symbols can replace scatter symbol to make the winning combination.

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When playing the slots online you may get paid out directly if you manage to get scatter symbols in a row. The number of scatter symbols also increases your payouts. So if you are playing at the Caesar’s gold then you get paid 5 for3 scatter symbols, 40 when having 4 and in case you have 5 then the payout is 200. You can find the information in the payout table, so it is advisable to read it before playing. So if you are sure of the payout options then you may make use of scatter symbols to add more excitement. This scatter symbol multiplies your bet on total and not just the betting line. Try to play all paylines online to gain bigger payouts.

When playing online these may trigger a number of bonus games increasing your chances of winning. You ca read more of it in the rules section. You can find two separate types of bonus games. One type is selecting second screen in which players can select x objects as compared to y object provided along with free spins to play. When playing at Divin for pearls you can find both types. When playing you can also find a calm symbol appearing on the reels 1, 3 and 5. You can select one out of seven to play on second screen. This reveals the credit that a player can win. When you get three or more blowfish scatter symbol, you can trigger free spin. This pays out directly as double bonus point. The numbers indicate the total free spins offered.

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