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Players can find a number of slots games under video slots category in online casinos. This type differs from the classical forms as these types have five different reels they make use of. Apart from this there are a number of other differences.

These are also determined as multiple playline slots. There are a number of slots that have 25 paylines but some may also have around 100 paylines. Each type represents a particular betting option. The numbers for paylines are listed on the side and players can always select the right type by clicking the option. When playing multi-payline players can get combinations in zigzag pattern or horizontal pattern. You can select the number of coins to play, denominations and payline numbers and the total bets is usually the product of three. Always bear in mind that the selected paylines are matched against the table provided.

You can find the winning combinations in the payout table. So if you manage to hit the wining combination given in the paylines table then you win. You can find the payout against each of the winning combination in the paylines tables. So if for a specific combination, the payline number of 500, then you may win 500 coins. In case you placed three coins then you win a total of 1500 coins. So if you placed a wager for $2 then you win around 2 x 1500 = $3000. Players shall receive separate payouts for every payline number that is displayed on the list.

When playing video slots, you may find a number of multipliers and wild symbols. Wild symbols are like jokers and can be used in place of any other symbol for making the winning combination. Before making use of wild symbols, you may have to read the instructions carefully. Multipliers have the power to increase your winnings. As the rules may differ from one game to another, so you need to read them before playing. So if the winnings are double then when playing multiplier you can get $1000 in winnings against $500 bets.

When playing video slots, you can make money in a number of ways besides hitting the right combination. You can also try playing the bonus games by selecting a particular payline. Players can play these bonus games on a second screen. You can play these games as ‘pick-a-box’, when playing you can also earn a number of credit points that may be added to your bankroll. When playing a number of paylines, you may also get chances to play free spin. The player may not have to place any bets with free spins and if you win then it is an advantage.

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