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Payline is a sequence that is present on the reels. Players place their bets on active paylines. When the reels complete rotating, the sequences are compared with the payline table in the payout option. The table provides a complete list of payline combinations along with the payout ratio. So in case any paylines matches the combinations on the payout table then the players wins depending on the payout ratio.

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Note:- you have to keep in mind that the payout options may vary from game to game so it is always advisable to read the instructions before playing the game so there are no issues later on.

In a number of classical slot machines only single set of symbols were displayed and so these machines could only provide with one payline. With the development of internet, video slots have managed to change to a much greater extent. You can find 5 reels slots that display 3 separate rows of symbols and each row is presented with 5 separate symbols. So if you look at it then the paylines are three times. Presently the slots are designed to display paylines in zigzag pattern so increasing the paylines. Today some of the common paylines are 5, 9, 15, 20 or even 25. Microgaming offers paylines for around 50 numbers in online slots. The Gladiator version provides with 50 payline numbers and other variation of Cashapillar offers players with around 100 payline numbers. Wager works offers players with 50 and Elvis multiple strike offers 60 different paylines.

When playing multi line slots players can easily decide their denominations and coin numbers to play. So the product provides with the line bets. After that he can make his decision on how many lines he wishes to play. So if the player decides to play five lines, then his bets is five times. This is just like selecting single line to spin five times. So the number of spins is reduced when playing multi line slots. This increases the speed of the game providing more advantage.

Before playing you need to read the table of payout. Players are paid when the active symbol is hot in the last three rounds. As the rule is left to right so it is expected that the symbols must appear from reel 1. One of the most popular games is Divine for pearls and you can view the payout table. When playing regular slots the payout is around 150 times. So if you hit the Tiki symbol in any reels then the payout is 150 times whet you wager. So if you wager 10 coins then the payout is 1500 coins.

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