Slots Terminology

Action:- this refers to the bankroll that you play while betting.

Bonus feature:- slots offers this bonus so you can increase your winnings by playing free spin.

Buy Pay:- this is a slot machine that offers more number of max coins to play. If you play more coins you can play more slot games.

Carousel:- this is referred to slot machines in a particular group.

Coin size:- this refers to the total number of coins a machine will take. You can play the penny slots and quarter slots.

Hit:- this is a term used for win.

Hold %:- this is the pay back % made by the machine. The machine may keep 4% of 100 dollars it pays to players.

Hopper:- this is the area that separates the coins depending on their size for payout or pick up.

Max Bet:- every machine has a pre set amount that you have to spend to win jackpot. This is also the total money a machine may take in one round play.

Onesies:- a person placing a single coin bets.

One armed bandit:- a name of earlier slot machine.

Payline:- the line that displays the symbols that match so you win. The winnings are explained in the pay tables.

Payout:- this is the amount that players earn when playing any round.

Payout percentage:- this is the money that players insert in the machine and is in relation to the amount they earn. When you place 100 dollars you get around 98 dollars as payout so the percentage is 98%. In case you don’t collect your money, then someone else will.

Pay table:- this chart offers players with the sinning symbols. They get the information how much they will be paid when hit winning symbols.

Progressive meter / ticker:- this is printed on the slot machine to let the players know what the machine offers for playing progressing jackpot.

RNG:- a program made use by online slot games to generate outcomes of symbols. This provides players with wins, progressive jackpot and jackpots. Making use of this the computer offers a fair play for everyone.

Reels:- the spinning wheels on the slot machine that has the symbols printed on them.

Staggered payout:- this chart provides information on offering more money for playing more number of coins. So to get progressive jackpot you have to insert maximum coins.

Static jackpot:- a type of jackpot that may not change and the percentage of betting may remain constant.

Symbols:- the pictures or graphics printed on the reels. There are different types of symbols like fruits, stars, pictures and numbers.

Take cycle:- a theory that states the slot machine only pays once and not twice. As the process is random so you may get paid twice.

Tilt:- a slot machine that has certain issues and may not play perfectly till fixed.

Wild:- a symbolic representation for payout.

Winning combination:- a combination symbol that you need to get hit.

Zombie:- people who play a single machine.

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