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Before understanding the history related to video poker, it is important that we understand more about poker. Poker is believed to originated around 17th century. So, video poker also originated around the same time. In 1891, Pitt and Sittman managed to develop the idea of poker to give it a better looks to this table game. Around this time Fey also came out with a number of slot machines to be introduced in a number of casinos. The initial type of video poker machines made use of 50 card symbols that had 5 drums. So in order to make the game more difficult, the ten of spades and jack were also removed from the game. In 1897, Fey began his work on the introduction of the first slot machine which was termed as Liberty bell. This machine made use of Jack, King and queen to payout the players. When playing this game, players could see the cards on the reels of the machine even tough this was not a game that was based on poker. Later in 1970s poker hands were made use of in this machine, in the same way as we see it presently.

Video poker machine was invented by Dale electronics in the casinos at Las Vegas, but this machine was not very much played by the players. By 1975 Walt Fraley was the person who introduced a new type of video slot machines that was introduced in Vegas Casinos. These types of machines also managed to gain little popularity in a number of casinos due to the fact that the players could in fact not see the reels rotating. So by 1979 the present versions of video poker machines were created. The machines were created by IGT Company for the very first time. This was considered as a good success as the players were actually playing their poker hands and not just watching the reels spinning. By 1980s more number of video poker machines and slot machines were introduced in the casinos. Presently players can select from wide variations of these machines that are based on the 5 card games.

When playing video poker you can select from variations including Draw poker, Jacks or better, Deuces wild, Kings and aces and lots more. These types have the same game play but you may find different types of bonus offers and payouts. By 1994 video poker had become very much popular in a number of online casinos. These provide you with the convenience of home play games. Microgaming also provided players with a number of video poker online. Download the software and you can enjoy your game instantly.

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