Poker Joker Strategy!

Joker poker is a type of video poker game that can be played in a number of online poker casinos. The game is played making use of 53 cards, so players have to make use of a joker that can replace any other card. When playing this game the payout is done only for Kings and better hands. You can find a slight difference in payout options when visiting one online casino to another one but the average ratio for payout is done in around 99 % case.

As poker offers a very high payout option for most players so it is important that players are well aware of the strategy they have to make use of. As different games of video poker make use of different payout options and rules so it is important that you may have to make use of different strategy that work best for player. You can go through the rules of the game and payout tables to develop your own strategy.

So if you want to get aware of the poker strategy then it is not a tough task. Player divides the deal hands in a two separate groups, as the first group is of the cards that does not have any joker in it and the second type is made up of hands that have jokers. So in case the player is given with a royal flush or even a straight then he may have to retain each of the hand with original cards. So here is a brief explanation of the cards that needs to be discarded.

So in case the group does not contain joker then you can make use of this strategy.

In case you are having four of the same type then it is important to discard the 5th card. There is always a possibility that you get a joker.

In case you are holding 4 cards for royal flush, flush or even a straight flush then players are requested to discard the 5th card so they can easily complete their hand.

If you are holding 3 cards for completing royal flush, a flush or even a straight flush try to discard the extra two cards you are holding.

In case you are having 3 cards of the same denomination then try to discard two cards.
If you are having 2 pairs then try to discard the last card so you can get a joker.

Try to hold to straight flush, two cards for royal flush and a pair card after discarding remaining 3 cards.

If you have different cards then try to discard all 5 cards.

Strategy to be used for second set of cards

If you have 4 of a kind, 4 cards for royal flush, 4 cards for flush and 4 cards for straight flush then hold them and discard the last card.

Keep the combination of 3 of a type, 3 cards to flush and try to discard rest cards.

In rest cases the player is expected to discard all other cards and keep joker with him.

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