Power poker Vs Regular Poker

Jacks or better is considered as a best and original game of video poker. This game is named such that the jacks are considered as lowest card to get the payout. When playing this game at the Microgaming software you can enjoy two different versions- The regular version and power poker version. The basic rules and features of both games are very much alike but there is one feature that makes power poker version different.

When playing the regular version of poker players can begin the game by 5 card hands, but the game is played making use of 52 cards from the deck. When playing the game at the Microgaming software, you can always make use of auto hold feature that is believed to highlight the cards that you are supposed to keep on hold depending on the strategy of the game. Players can also try and deselect the highlighted cards by simply clicking on them and put another set of cards on hold. After selecting the highlighted cards players can resume with the normal game by replacing these cards with another set of cards making use of draw button. The cards are then replaced and the payout is compared with the pay table and in case you manage to get the winning combination then you can collect your payout. The minimum coin denomination in this case is 25 cents.

Microgaming Power poker is a type of game which is multi hand game and players can always play multiple hands. Different players can enjoy playing 4 to around 100 hands. Some of the best poker players also enjoy playing 50 hands game or power poker. So players begin by dealing with one hand and then all others are followed by the same procedure of holding hands. So if you are holding the cards then you hold it for around 50 hands. So each and every 50 hand will be having similar cards on hold. Each of the hand is in fact played making use of separate 52 deck cards, so after clicking the draw option a few things may happen. The original cards are first replaced with the separate new cards in case of 49 hands. Here each hand is separately compared by the pay table before the payout is actually made. In this case the lowest denomination coin is 1 cents and maximum is around 50 cents, so players are always allowed to place their bets on 1 to 5 coins. As you play 50 hands at a time to minimum bet to make is around 50 cents and maximum that players can place is $125.

Regular ‘ jack or better’ Pros

Lower betting levels so you can play for a longer period of time
Each of the hand is distinct from other

50 play ‘ jacks or better’ Power Poker pros

You can play more hands in the desired time

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