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Video poker is very much preferred game in a number of casinos all around the world. There is a number of software that offers this game online. Vegas technology is one such software that provides players with best video poker gaming experience. So when going through this article you may be able to learn different aspects to make use of when navigating this software.

When playing at Vegas casinos you can manage to find this game in a category under the main lobby of the casino. These games are available under three different types of categories like single hand, mega multi hand and 2-4 hand. When playing single hand game you may get a chance to play a single hand only at a time. When selecting the 2-4 hand play, you can enjoy the game of 2 or 4 hands at a same time. Mega multi hands options provides you with opportunity to play 10 to 20 or more hands.

The process of navigation is explained making use of single hand game. You can view the payout table located at the center of the screen on your monitor. You can also see the five hands that are dealt to you just under the table. You can also view the last bet amount and winning amount on this table. Below this is the button that is marked with the Hold option which allows players to select the cards and keep them in hold when playing. You can also find the tool bar here that provides with options like live support help. You can also read different rules and regulations on the help section.

There are a number of important functions present in the tool bar at the bottom. On the left side players can view the bonus balance and cash balance. If you are playing and you make use of Promo button, then you can view all the promotions that the casino offers to the players. You can view all your earnings by clicking the cashier button and also deposit the extra funds. Click the lobby button and you can join the players lobby at any time. The option button is provided so players can always try to customize their games. You can trigger the sound on or off and different sound effects that are provided in the play. Players can also try setting the sound level to four different levels when playing. Players can also make use of the option to turn on or off the animations so this also increases the sped of the game. You can also try and adjust the speed of the animations to three levels.

You begin the game by selecting the right type of denominations of the coin. You make use of ‘+’ or ‘-‘ sign to increase or decrease the denominations. You can place your bet by clicking the wager option or ‘bet one’ option which is provided in the tool bar. In case you want to bet 5 coins then you have to select the option for bet max. So if you want to keep the cards then you have to try and click the hold option. To replace the cards click the draw option and new set of cards shall replace the existing ones. If you click the collect button then you can always collect all your earnings and start with a new game. You can also try making use of rebet option to bet on the last wager.

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