Video poker (Microgaming Level UP)

This is a new format of the poker game that is organized by microgaming software. When playing this game you may play with Aces, Faces, Jacks or even better cards like Deuces and joker. One of the bets feature when playing this game is that with every set of round won, your winnings are just doubled.

The player is allowed to select the right type of denomination that he wants to play and the total number of coins he wants to play. So if he has made up his mind that he wants to play then around amount for 4 different hands are deducted from his bankroll balance. The cards dealt are usually face down and the cards are also deal from separate deck of cards. After this the top hand is always revealed to the player. So the players may begin by deciding the hands that he is ready to hold and to complete his hand he can click the draw button. So if he is just not holding the winning combination in his hand then he has already lost the bet. In case he selects a winning combination to play then the payout is done on the basis of the pay table. In this game the funds are just not made to him as they are on hold. After this the player is also revealed with the hand for the next level. The game again proceeds in the same direction. In case the player loses his hand then he can only collect his funds collected so far but may not play the game any further. On winning the amount of win is doubled and the game again moves on to next level till the player has managed to reach the four levels. When reaching the third level the payout is multiplied with his fourth level earning. So at the end the player can always decide if he wants to double or collect his pay. In case he wants to double then he shall be playing the game in the separate screen.

In this screen a single card is dealt face up and rest are always dealt face down. If the face up card is of greater rank then the amount is doubled but in case a lower hand is opened then the player may lose everything he earned. There are a number of features that add more excitement to this game. Players can make use of free ride cards which can be awarded to the players at any level when playing. So when he gets this option he can straight away move to next level without actually drawing the winning hand combination. So if the player is not having any winning hand then he may not be paid for that level. As all five cards are dealt to the players so there are chances that one of the hands may be a royal flush. In case the players hit the royal flush then they are entitled for jackpot that is around $4000 to 1. So if you lose at an earlier stage then you may loose this opportunity to play jackpot. If you make use of the feature called auto complete, then all your hands are exposed much earlier and in case the player draws a royal flush hand then he is also entitled for a payout equivalent to 100:1.

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