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When playing blackjack you certainly might have equal probability of drawing any card. But the fact is that there is no such strategy that you can make use of. The moment the cards are played the dealer discards them in the show box. These cards cannot be dealt again by the dealer. So by making use of this tracking procedure, players can always try and calculate all the possibilities of the cards that may appear next in the row. This is one point where the players can always make use of all black jack strategies to his best advantage. So the process that is used to track the cards is termed as card counting.

Earlier card counting strategies were made use of for counting cards in a number of land based casinos making use of electronic deices. The dealt cards were fed in the device making use of coding system buttons. This device was usually hidden in the shoe of the player and was operated by his toes. The information transferred was looked upon by a person from outside the casino. This machine immediately made use of the information to provide necessary results. The information was then provided to the player by the person making use of an ear phone. Most casinos detected the move of the players as they won big amounts in blackjack game. Later on this system was declared as illegal by the law.

Most blackjack players then started making use of mental ways to memorize the dealt cards. This method was in fact not as effective as the electronic system as human mind had its own limits and finds hard to memorize information performed with fraction of minutes. This technique could not be made use of for tracking each and every card. People keep a record of as either high card dealt or as low card dealt. People also make use of techniques that helped in placing these cards into certain categories. The results may be more accurate but are generally difficult to access. Players also make use of Hi-Lo counting system that is one of the simplest to implement. This system assigns a value of +1 to cards from 2 to 6 and -1 for cards till 10s, including aces and picture cards. This number is maintained for each and every set of cards that are used in the game. So if you have a high score of positive cards then you can be certain that the deck holds high cards. Most blackjack players make use of this technique to placing high bets as it increases heir chances of winning. Most land based casinos have also tried early shuffling methods to limit card counting. This is a strategy that is useful in case only few cars are left in the deck. As most players are capable of remembering high or low discarded cards so casinos are making use of better shufflers.

But when playing in any online casino, card counting might not be of very much use as the deck is shuffled after each and every hand played.

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